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Our Core Services

Sky High Media are able to offer you anything from a single aerial photograph to a fully edited video incorporating ground and aerial cameras, all of which shoot in 4K Ultra High Definition and are mounted on 3 axis gimbals, to ensure the best quality footage.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Real Estate/Land Agency

We regularly put together a series of photographs and video of property which is on the market to make sure your potential buyers see exactly how wonderful your home is. All too often the photographs taken of your house by the estate agent, at ground level don't show it off in its 'true glory'. The wonderful views, the surrounding countryside or the house's layout can not be properly achieved with photos from the ground. We can then supply your estate agent with the footage we have taken to put on Rightmove, Zoopla and any other website or promotional material that the estate agent uses.

Promotional Videos

If you run a business, you will want to make sure that your customers get a good feel for what you can offer them. This is where we can help. Hotels, B&B's, sports facilities, outdoor pursuits.... The list is endless! We can carry out filming at various sites to really show what you offer. We don't only use drones! We also use various ground cameras and stabilisers to capture cinematic footage, to create a professional end video. We can also format and create social media size ideo clips, perfect for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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There is nothing quite like your wedding day, so why not capture those special moments from the air? Group photo's of all your guests outside the venue, or just a private shot of the two of you standing together in your favourite spot. Seeing it from the air gives a whole new perspective.

Inspection Work

Utilising our 175mm telephoto lens, we are able to get high detail images (and video) of buildings and infrastructure, without getting too close. Wind turbine's, power lines, pylons, bridges, roofs and churches are just some of the items we have been asked to inspect for damage or signs of wear. The real time footage is sent straight to our monitor where builders, surveyors and inspectors (or anyone else!) can look and see potential problems. Highly detailed photographs (and video) can be taken and sent straight to the cloud with EXIF data if required, for sending on to engineers and for future reference.

Building Progress

Time is money. So here at Sky High Media we offer a service for building and construction sites to monitor their progress from the air. By using GPS coordinates we can come back time and time again and position our UAV in the exact same positions in order to get another photograph of the site so that the managers can assess how the build is progressing. We are also able to set up flight 'way points', so the UAV will follow the same flight path time and time again to capture the same footage at different stages of the build. Not only is this useful to streamline projects but it also makes for a fantastic before, during and after portfolio. Past clients have used this data for public relations (PR) and for providing their employee's information on the build.  

Construction / Longterm Timelapse

Have a long term construction project you would like filmed? No problem. We specialise in setting up static cameras, and monitoring long term construction timelapse projects. Footage can be captured over a few weeks, to years, and a final timelapse video put together. Get in touch if you would like more information on this service.

Mapping and Surveying

By using our drone we can select the area required to autonomously fly the whole area taking pictures at regular intervals and then stitch them together. From the data collected we can generate 3D models, ground level data, and information on how well crops are growing within the selected area.

The list of what we can do is nearly endless, so please contact us with your enquiry and we will do our best to help you out.