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Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about our media and the services we have to offer

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  • Is the UAV noisy? +

    No. Once in the air it is only a 'humming' sound which is similar to a swarm of bee's. We are always careful to keep noise to a minimum so as not to affect animals or neighbouring properties.
  • Are Sky High Media insured? +

    Yes. We are fully insured, and hold a £2 million public liability policy.
  • Is flying UAV's safe? +

    Yes. We use the latest technology and carry out routine maintenance and checks before and after each flight, which means a UAV crash is very unlikely. Our pilots are also fully trained and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Is Sky High Media licensed and qualified to operate commercially? +

    Yes. We have a current Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) issued by the CAA. Our pilots are fully qualified by ICARUS, a CAA approved training program.
  • What weather conditions can you fly in? +

    We are able to fly in nearly any weather, providing it isn't raining or wind speeds over 20 mph.
  • How high and far can the UAV fly? +

    The CAA restrict all pilots of UAV's to a maximum height of 400 ft, and a maximum distance away from the pilot of 500 m. We must also remain within 'line of sight' of the UAV. This is to ensure the safety of people and other aircraft.
  • How fast can the UAV fly? +

    In peak conditions, we can fly at 36 mph.
  • How long can we fly for? +

    Each battery will last for approximately 22 minutes of flying time, and we carry multiple batteries to each shoot.
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