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Sky High Media are based in South Molton in North Devon but cover Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, and all of the South West of England. We are licenced by the CAA and hold a current Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) to carry out photography and videography using UAV's (drones).

Our Equipment

We use high quality ground and air filming equipment which is capable of shooting video in 4K Ultra HD and 20MP still images in a RAW and Jpeg format.
The cameras are mounted on a 3 axis gimbals to ensure high quality steady footage. Using FPV (first person view) technology means we can see, in HD quality, exactly what the cameras can see at all times ensuring the best possible shots.

Currently we use a DJI Mavic 2 Professional, and a DJI Inspire 1 Professional. Both are incrediblely powerful and high tech machines, and designed for top quality results.

Our Inspire 1 is fitted with a micro four thirds camera, and we currently use the Olympus 12mm, 25mm, 45mm 14-42mm and Lumix 45-175mm lenses.  

To compliment aerial footage, we also use a range of stabilised ground cameras and equipment, such as the DJI Osmo with X5, Panasonic Lumix G7 and gimbals. Sound recording equipment is also available where required.


Our UAV's are equipped with a whole host of sophisticated electronics to ensure safety and reliabilty. GPS receivers, compasses, gyros and altitude sensors keep the aircrafts steady in the air even in high winds, and ensure the safety of every person and property in the surrounding areas of where we are flying.

We can even fly inside using ultrasonic sensors which help keep the aircraft steady, even when there is no GPS signal.

As part of our PfCO, we keep a detailed maintenance and operational log book to ensure that all the equipment is in top condition.

Why use Us?

Using UAV's we are able to get the shots which are simply not possible from the ground. Whether it is to sell your property, create a promotional video for your business or monitoring and documenting progress on a large construction site, getting aerial shots will enhance the appeal to your potential customers.
We can be up in the air within 5 miniutes of getting to site, which means there's no waiting around. Traditional methods of aerial filming and photography used full-size helicopters or aeroplanes which are both expensive, noisy and not very green!


Our Mission

To exceed your expectations and provide you with a high quality finished product to show off to your customers.

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Our Values

Friendly staff with a good knowledge of getting the right shots to achieve what you desire.

our solution

Our Solution

Work hard, and never give up until we have what we need to edit into the final masterpiece. Simple!


We Are Always Open To Creativity

If you have an idea for a project that is not a service we currently offer, we are more than happy to discuss it with you

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